One look at that gorgeous, smushy, wrinkly face and you’re sure to fall in love with the English Bulldog. A breed known for their irresistible and unique looks as well as it’s sweet nature. Once you’ve become the proud owner of one of these gorgeous dogs, you’ll discover that this popular pooch requires regular grooming to keep him happy and healthy, despite having soft, short hair. Just like their longer haired friends, the English Bulldog will benefit from pampering sessions.

Grooming your dog benefits both of you as well as your relationship with your dog if done properly. Take time in the early days to build up slowly and make sure your dog is comfortable with being touched and handled as necessary. Keep the treat bag on you at all times and reward your dog for accepting your touch, at first just with your hands and then with brushes, wipes, clippers etc as you go along. If you take it at your dog’s pace and wait until he’s happy at each stage of the process, then you’ll both find your grooming sessions a relaxing and enjoyable time. Be patient and you’ll soon reap the benefits.

The good news is that Bulldogs are not major shedders, so you won’t have to follow them round with a vacuum cleaner and a lint roller. Most dogs enjoy being brushed by their owners, so why not set aside some regular quality time to groom your pup – take this time to build up trust and bond with your Bulldog.

The biggest Bulldog beauty regime will be taking care of those wrinkles! You’ll need to pay close attention to their fleshy folds, keeping them free from food and other debris that can cause uncomfortable irritation if left untouched. Be gentle but thorough as you work around your Bulldog’s face, carefully wiping their wrinkles clean. You might like to use cotton balls dipped in a good quality diluted dog shampoo and really get into each fold. Rinse off with fresh water, carefully avoiding the eye area, and thoroughly dry and voila! A clean, hygienic and healthy face to kiss! As with all breeds, don’t forget your Bulldog’s teeth and nails. Nails can be checked and trimmed as necessary, and teeth can be brushed (with doggy toothpaste) a few times a week.

Oh, and don’t forget to treat your pooch to some Happy Tears pampering to keep those tear stains at bay and keep that brilliant Bulldog face as cute as can be!