At Young Woofians we make products for dog lovers, created by dog lovers. As dog owners and dog fans ourselves we know how important it is to create products that really work, solving the actual problems that dog owners have. Our ethos is to find those problems that we all face and develop science and research-based solutions that we are 100% confident in.

Our No 1 Happy Tears Treatment is perfect for getting rid of those red/brown marks that you can sometimes find around the eyes and on the beard area – and possibly on the paws if you have a chewer- of your dog.

The first question we asked when creating this amazing product is why. Why do our dogs get these stains? Why are eye boogers and gunk so prevalent around your dog’s eyes? Why does excess chewing and dribbling cause the same issue?

Oddly, although the answer is based very much in science, it’s not something a lot of people know about.

In dogs, red blood cells live for around 3 months after which they are broken down to be replaced with new red blood cells; which is perfectly normal. During this process the cells produce by-products or waste called Porphyrins, these are molecules that contain iron produced during the red blood cell break down process. Blood iron is similar to the metal iron so, when the iron rich liquid hits the air it oxidises and essentially rusts – causing the pesky staining.

All dogs have porphyrins in the liquid that comes from their eyes, mouths and their privates but it appears that some have more than others and it’s these that create the staining on the fur when they react with the air.

That’s why the number one top tip that we give to all of our customers is TO KEEP IT DRY. As soon as liquid appears – be it tears or dribble- mop it up, drying the fur thoroughly so that the liquid doesn’t have time to dry on the fur, setting the stain in. It’s a good idea to do this at the start and end of every day as well as throughout the day to keep on top of any new tears/dribble that appear.

We cannot stress enough how important this is and how much of a difference you’ll see by just doing this – our new Clean and Preen set is a great tool for supporting you with this mission and you’ll find it have everything you need to keep your dog dry and clean looking.

Once you’ve got the fur dry and you’re in a good routine with keeping it that way that you’re in the best position to get fabulous first time results from your Happy Tears Treatment. Don’t panic if all of this seems a bit overwhelming, we’re here to support you so contact us for anything – even if it’s just to talk about the process because we’d be happy to help.