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Rated Excellent with 4.9 / 5 on Trustpilot

  • Benny The French Bulldog

    Looking gorgeous after his successful treatment

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And the good news is that it works on every breed, colour, age and coat type of dog!

We know that tear staining is perfectly natural (for more information on this check out our blog) but the brown or reddish marks that it can leave behind can often be unsightly, cause discomfort and many owners chose to treat these.

Below is a gallery of some of our customers amazing results. As you’ll see it works on all different breeds, colours and lengths of dog hair. If you scroll down the page you can read all about what our customers have to say about Young Woofians.


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Rated Excellent with 4.9 / 5 on Trustpilot

  • Young woofians - Results & Reviews on Happy Tears- Dog Tears - Fabulous Frenchies & Brilliant Bulldogs

    Baggy The Bulldog

    Before and after

  • Chewie The Cavachon

    Before and after

  • Zeke The Havanese

    Before and after

  • Dino The Shih Tzu

    Before and after

  • Dolly The Maltese

    Before and after

  • Rocket The German Spitz

    Before and after

  • Fizz The Bolognese

    Before and after

  • Joey The Kokoni

    Before and after

  • Logan The Kachon

    Before and after

  • Maddie The Bichon Frise

    Before and after

  • Teddy The Maltipoo

    Before and after

  • Mochi The Bichon

    Before and after

  • Scarlett The Maltese

    Before and after

  • Sunny The Bichon / Cairn

    Before and after

  • Ollie The Maltese

    Before and after

  • Zeke The Havenese

    Before and after

  • Mimi Rose The Bichon Frise

    Before and after

  • Lilly The Maltese

    Before and after

  • Ted The Bedlington Terrier

    Before and after

  • Rose Bee The Bolognese

    Before and after

  • Poppy The Bichon

    Before and after

  • Baggy The Bulldog

    Before and after

  • Poppy The Peke

    Before and after

  • Bennie The French Bulldog

    Before and after

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"This stuff is nothing short of a miracle"

My Bichon has had really bad dark brown staining for a few years now, not just around his eyes but all over his head including his ears. Both our groomer and vet agree that it is probably the worst they have ever seen, but were powerless to do anything apart from cut away as much as possible. I felt that I had tried everything there is to try, diet / filtered water / blueberries / various shampoos / various eye washes / eye drops / treatments / supplements you name it i've tried it EXCEPT Happy Tears!

I first heard of it on a Bichon Facebook page so decided to give it a try. WOW, what can I say? It truly is amazing, I noticed a slight difference around his eyes within a week, after about 2 weeks it was a more noticeable difference, soon after that the eye area was virtually back to white, it's now about 5 weeks since I started using it and the difference is astounding, I can't emphasise enough what a difference it has made, the staining has gone from a large area of dark brown fur to a significantly smaller area of very light staining mainly on his head which gets lighter by the day.



Look how beautiful her eyes look. I cannot thank you enough. I am still over the moon with gratitude for this fabulous product.


Best product ever! I’ve used the product on two of my bulldogs and love it- best thing I have used, when I say it works, I mean it works! Excellent result, highly recommended!


I bought your product and at first wasn’t impressed then a lovely lady rang me and we had a good chat and she told me to stick with it which I have and to my surprise Poppy’s eyes are so much better they haven’t totally cleared up but a big big improvement thank you. I can’t believe how good your product is I’m so happy!


I absolutely love Happy Tears!! It’s so easy to use and arrived so fast!! Sue is such a lovely lady and so helpful!! Couldn’t recommend it enough!! Absolute life saver!! You can see the results after a few uses too!"


I’ve tried a lot of different product before to get rid of tear stain, but this one is the best I’ve ever used. I’ve been using this since February and my baby boy eyes are just gorgeous & clean. I’m a forever happy customer".


Excellent product, made a HUGE difference to my Shih Tzu’s tear stains. I had been recommended the treatment by a friend but I was still shocked by how well it worked. The support from Sue every step of the way was wonderful & I am already recommending to others. I couldn’t be more thrilled.


After searching and trying numerous products, I stumbled across this product on Instagram and decided to give it a go. Almost immediately we noticed a difference and within about 2 weeks Theos stains were nearly gone. I highly recommend trying this product out


I am so happy with the results for my Bichon, Maddie. I had given up hope of anything working for her. I have often felt ashamed, as someone once commented, (‘wash her face’). This is an amazing product that really does what it says on the tin. I was skeptical but the results are amazing! I am over the moon. Thank you Sue and team.


I struggled for months with staining on my Nellie Moo. I decided to try Happy Tears and after a few weeks her stains were much better. We use this on a regular basis and are happy with our results. She gets many compliments and comments on how her stains have cleared so much! About to re-order in a larger size!


I was always a little sceptical of tear stain products after trying so many that did absolutely nothing to help with staining.. that was until I found Happy Tears! After talking to Sue (the owner) and seeing all the incredible before and after photos I decided to give Happy Tears a try and I’m sooooo glad I did! My maltipoo’s tear stains have improved by at least 90% and I’ve only been using it for just over a month. I’m genuinely amazed at the difference! For the first time ever Lola gets excited to have her eyes cleaned (I guess she finds it relaxing) which also makes life so much easier. This is a product I will continue to order forever more. Sue is wonderful! She’s always on hand to offer any help that you may need, her videos are so simple to follow and everything is perfectly explained. The packaging is also lovely. I couldn’t be happier with this product or the customer service. I highly recommend.


Great product, lovely packaging & very quick delivery with tutorial videos available of the owner,Sue, & her dog Teddy. Also telephone contact and follow up, from Sue, through the use of the product to get the best out of it. We are on day 45 so be patient it will improve & worth the effort. Have used 3 small tins of the powder so far as my little one has a large area of staining. The small brushes are great for getting close and precisely where its needed.


Does what it says on the tin. You need to follow the instructions for results and don’t give up. Sue is on hand to help and is very passionate about her products, beautifully presented and really good quality. Now part of my tear staining prevention Arsenal


THE stain-remover product that makes you stop looking for more! My little furry dog is a rescue and as so he hasn’t had anyone taking the time to dry is tears regularly, so it has a very dark red, long line under one of his eyes. While I’m still working on it, this incredible product as already improved his fur color by at least 60% (and I’m only half way to the treatment). Please note that the stain I’m fighting is really deep and really set on my dog’s eye, besides he has very short hair so for me it’s tricky to get the powder to penetrate and yet IT IS WORKING! This was the 3rd product I’ve tried and I haven’t bought any other! Sue is simply lovely, she’s so caring and kind and she will give you the best advice for you to get the best results!


After every product available on the market, I have literally tried them all! Nothing has even come close to clearing Dolly’s tear stains like this wonderful product. It’s so easy to apply, and literally works within the first treatment. The results speak for themselves, the before and after pics are amazing. Thank you so much young woofians for creating this magic formula, it’s incredible. 


The owner was so helpful , messaged us , rang us , and informed us loads about eye care. The product itself is fantastic , pup no longer traumatised when we have to sort his eyes and we no longer dread it . Eyes look healthier , tear stains reduced and no more food/gunk in eyes . Love it !


This product really works!!! I was skeptical at first. Sue is very caring and always asks how Mika is doing. When she found out my frustration, she video chatted with me and showed me how to apply the product. It’s been 4 months, the tear stains around Mika’s eye area are under control and her mouth area is as white as can be. I am very happy with this product. And the comb is perfect for the eye area. Thank you, Sue!


I wish I could give 10 stars or more! Young Woofians is the best company to deal with and their Happy Tears is outstanding! I tried so many different things to clear the stains from my beautiful doggie and nothing worked till I found Happy Tears! I couldn’t be more pleased! She never has to be stained again thanks to Young Woofians!


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A miracle product!

“We decided to give Happy Tears a go because our Labrador Retriever has always had teary ears since she was a pup. The vets checked for ingrown eyelashes but they couldn't find any issues with her. It was something that we just had to live with. We have been using the Happy Tears for a week we have seen a huge improvement. Sandy looks happier and the tear stains are improving after each application. We are thrilled and Sandy looks so much better. Thank you so much!


I have tried everything on the market for Bella’s tear stains with no results then as a last resort I decided to give Young Woofians a go. I genuinely did not think it would do anything I am so shocked to see the results already and I am still treating her with this but the difference up to now has shocked me. I am over the moon! So if you are suffering with tear stains on your best friend then please give this a go I think your best little mate deserves it and you will be so happy you did, as am I!


A truly amazing product only if you persevere! After having purchased tear stain products from all over the world I came across Young Woofians via a Poochon Facebook Group. Sceptical as always I thought I would give it a try, and wow am I glad I did. I had continuous support and guidance from Sue at Young Woofians. Sue called me and messaged me to check in on my progress and kept me going. Initially I thought it would never work, but not 2weeks later, but approx 6weeks later and yes it’s worked wonders. I have cut away the old stained hair and my Poochons eyes look amazing now. No unsightly red/pinkish stains that used to make her look poorly. Poppy does have a weeping eye, but according to the vets there are no medical concerns. So now I cleanse Poppy’s eyes twice a day and apply the powder. In between, and when I am home, I just blot the corner of her weeping eye try and keep it as dry as possible.


When I got Bella she was already 15 months old and she was badly stained .... I’ve been obsessed with her stains and spent pounds on different products, I’ve tried changing her diet and her water and after a year no real difference. Then I tried Happy Tears and your product has been fab in just over 2 weeks. It’s fantastic ... I’m using every other day and the result speaks for itself x


I purchased happy tears after trying so many other products before for my French bulldog. Nothing had ever worked for us but I was so determined to get rid of her staining as it made her look unhappy. I used it everyday and after approximately 8 weeks Bunny’s staining is much reduced! It is the only product I have ever used that actually made a difference. Sue was so helpful with phone calls and advice, she really went out of her way to help which was so refreshing. I can’t recommend this product enough because it really works!


Noticeable clearing of my pups eye gunk just a few days into use. The only down fall is you have to remember to use it....not the products fault!


“Amazing product with equally excellent customer service. I’ve been using Happy Tears for a couple of weeks now and it’s reduced the tear staining and is now fading the old stain away. It’s really quick to do and has a really helpful instructional video to follow. It’s even easy with my wiggly Bolognese puppy Rosa!"


Both my sisters ( Yorkshire Terrier and Biewer York Terrier) suffered from tear stains and this is the only product which works perfectly for both of them. We have tried lots of other products before and without a lasting result. This product is an amazing discovery, we got a result in around a week. The product has quite a lot of solution in the set which will be enough for a long time. Absolutely favourite product made from all natural items, which is very important for doggies allergy.


Love this product. After wasting so much money and time on other products that fail miserably, I was wary about wasting more. But this product is the real business. Took just over a couple of weeks to start to see the difference and a pep talk from Sue to encourage me to continue, the proof in the pudding as they say is the very clean face of my Teddy Edward now. I cannot recommend this product enough and I am so impressed that I have signed up for the regular subscription so I’m saving on my purchases now too. Win win. Thank you Young Woofians.


Brilliant staff. Using it less than a week and we can see the difference. Highly recommended


"The owner was so helpful , messaged us , rang us , and informed us loads about eye care. The product itself is fantastic , pup no longer traumatised when we have to sort his eyes and we no longer dread it . Eyes look healthier , tear stains reduced and no more food/gunk in eyes . Love it !


Cannot recommend this product enough!!I had tried everything before, nothing worked until this. People used to say that my dog looked like she was bleeding from her eyes :-( Happy Tears has made such a difference a difference. Thank you so much!


I have tried absolutely everything with my cavapoo. He is groomed every 6 weeks and has baths once per week too and his eye stains are horrendous. I’ve tried so many products and they have all failed at removing the staining. I came across this product and thought I’ll give it a try with very few expectations. I’ve only done one day so we have a way to go yet but already the staining has improved significantly so I feel very confident it will go completely by 2 weeks. The customer service from the owner has been incredible!!!! I would recommend buying the kits as the products on its own will not be enough to start with. So pleased I’ve found Happy Tears.


My frenchie Benny had quite bad tear stains and I tried several products but they made no difference. I saw Young Woofians products on Facebook and sent Sue a message. She guided me through the process and explained results would take longer because of my dogs hair being so short and straight. I applied the happy tears powder with the finger wipes as instructed and used continuously for 5 weeks but over last 2 weeks just not as much as I have been unwell. I ended up using the applicator brushes and I think this also made a difference. Benny’s stains were very dark and deep into his folds and I am delighted with the results so far and will continue to use this product.


I tried everything for my maltshi nothing worked waste of a lot of money untill I found this young Woofains and I can say it’s amazing my fur baby girl is looking amazing now the brown reddish tear stains have gone I would tell everyone suffering with tear stains on your fur baby go straight to this product DON'T waste money on other products trust me this is the best out there.


We have used so many products on Pepes tear stains however nothing has helped. Tear stains was gone in couple of weeks once we started using this product. Highly recommend this product worth every penny!


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