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We completely understand, and we’ve been there too. That is why we want to offer you a risk free chance to try Happy Tears.

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You’ve spent lots of money and time trying different things - changing diets, bowls, spending money on other products out there and nothing has worked. Your poor dog still has dirty, smelly eyes that make them look less like their beautiful selves.

We completely understand, we’ve been there too that’s why we want to offer you a risk free chance to try Happy Tears.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you try our product for at least 2 weeks, following all the instructions and taking advantage of the 1-2-1 support that we offer and you still don’t get your pooch looking perfect then we’ll refund you in full.

1-2-1 help & support from our experts

The Happy Tears treatment takes real commitment, it needs to be applied daily in order to see real results. Although the results aren’t immediate you shouldn’t panic or give up hope but persevere, keep applying and you will get the clean, beautiful fur you wanted. However, if you’re not seeing the progress you’d expect or are having trouble applying the treatment then we will work with you over the phone, via messenger or on FaceTime to ensure you know how to apply the treatment and that you understand the science behind our product and the reason for your pup’s tear stains; this will give you the confidence to persevere until you have perfect results.

What have you got to lose? Join thousands of happy Young Woofians customers today and get started your journey to a tear stain free dog!


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