This blog is about optimum health – that’s about making your dog as healthy and happy as possible. There are so many ways you can build good practice into your daily routine and habits that help ensure that your pup has best health which can prevent or fight illness.

“If your dog suffers from joint disease, asthma, IBS and colitis, liver disease, high blood cholesterol and cancer holistic and natural supplements can help. Read our blog about Boswellia serrata here
Dr Paul Boland, JP Holistic Nutrition

So, what are the key areas you need to look at in order to keep on top of your dog’s health?

It’s really important to make sure that your dog gets a properly balanced diet (bar any special dietary needs, illness or deficiencies of course). A balanced diet should include the following things:

  1. Water for hydration and to help maintain a healthy coat and good bodily functions including digestion
  2. Protein for energy and for maintaining essential amino acids
  3. Fats for energy and for maintaining a healthy nervous system
  4. Vitamins which have lots and lots of different roles in the body

Dental Health
Dental care is so important for your pooch – after all, you clean your teeth every day so why would you expect them to be any different? Cleaning your dog’s teeth regularly not only keeps away dirt and bacteria, stopping tooth decay and other dental complications – it also allows you to check for any other health issues at the same time. We’ve written a full blog on dog dental care which you can read here.

Grooming & Parasite Control
Grooming has so many benefits for both you and your dog – not only does it allow you to get your furry friend looking perfect with silky fur free of dirt and tangles but it also allows you to bond with your dog and to check at the same time for any health issues you might not otherwise notice by checking the fur, eyes, ears, mouth, heart rate and skin. If you’re interested in the best grooming practices we have a number of really great blogs that you can read here.

It’s also key to look out for an treat parasites early as these can cause discomfort or even infection if left untreated for too long.

Bonding and Play
Bonding with your dog, through grooming or through play is so important as it helps build the relationship between you and your pup which increases trust and love. Ultimately you are in charge so helping your dog learn boundaries through bonding and play are key to having a dog that is well socialised, able to behave in public and around others and is a joy to be with.
Play is important for it’s own sake too, as dog’s are naturally energetic and curious creatures with many genetic predispositions – such as the need to scavenge – and those needs can be met through varied play – introducing toys and games them stimulate them.

Dogs are very energetic animals and the easiest well to tell if your dog is happy and well-exercised is if it’s sleepy. A happy dog = a tired dog. Although the amount of exercise a dog needs is dependent on their size, age and breed all dog’s need some form of exercise daily, if just for stimulation, so it’s important to make that a part of your routine.

Those are our 5 top areas to think about when you’re considering how to make your dog as healthy and happy as possible. Hopefully they’ve given you lots of things to think about.