Winter is coming…..

And with that comes the rain, making our outdoors a wet and dirty place for our pups!

If your dog has allergies or is constantly licking their paws, then read on.

I started cleaning Teddys paws 🐾 after a walk when she was a puppy.

Not appreciating at the time, it was the best thing I could do for her cute lil’ toe beans.

After playing in our garden she would come running in with clumps of grass and sometimes mud in her paws and immediately started licking her paws to clean them.

I know that’s a natural reaction for a dog, must be uncomfortable having dirty paws. However, I did not want her cleaning to become a habit that I knew would be extremely difficult to break!

My Westie Joe who sadly passed many years ago started licking his paws and I just could not break the habit and we were constantly at the vets, and nothing worked! He was a stubborn little man and cost me a fortune!

So, I started cleaning Teddys paws every time she came from outside. Initially I was using a towel that I kept reminding Mr T was Teddy’s towel. So, to stop the confusion I have designed the perfect size bamboo cloths that can be used daily to clean not only Teddys but your dog’s paws too!

Bamboo is absorbent and can be washed and reused time and time again. And of course, I had to have my usual choice of colours: white, pink, and blue!

Not only is it good practice to get into the habit of drying the paws after a walk but if your dog suffers from allergies or constantly licking their paws, I have the most cost effective and simple way of sorting that problem out.

I recommend it to many customers, and they report back and tell me how fabulous the idea is and it worked, they were over the moon with the results!

Benefits of cleaning dogs’ paws after coming from outside:

  1. It removes any foreign debris that may lead to irritation and paw licking
  2. Grass seeds often find their way into little places and can irritate the paw leading to constant licking
  3. It can remove any allergies they may have to weeds trees and grass (which are extremely common in dogs)
  4. It keeps your home clean!
  5. It stops you having to use antibiotics, steroids, or creams
  6. There are no vet bills
  7. It allows you more time to spend with your dog, helping you to bond
  8. Your dog is much happier without the constant irritation

The purpose is to STOP your dog from constantly licking their paws 🐾 because that may possibly turn into a habit, so the paws become sore and rusty brown which could potentially lead to a costly visit to the vet. Not to mention the time you need to take off for the back-and-forth vet visits.

How to clean your dogs’ paws:

  1. Fill a small bowl with hot water, add household salt. Let it dissolve and add cold water.
  2. Place each paw into the bowel and swish, this will remove any foreign nasties that can cause irritation.
  3. Place each paw 🐾 into a bowl of warm clean water and swish
  4. Dry with my bamboo cloths and get right up into the pads. Do not leave any moisture on the paw
  5. When dirty wash the bamboo cloths with your usual household wash and reuse again and again!

Watch the video below and I’ll show you step by step what I do.

If your dog, then licks their paw(s), say NO repeatedly until they stop. Remember you are the boss and need to take control in a kind and loving way. If they continue to lick their paws, place a lick mat with suitable doggy spread and that will take their mind off licking their paws.

I know this is a huge commitment and you may not be at home all day, but I guarantee that if you put the work in you will be amazed by the results, just like our customers who have asked me about this problem and have carried out my suggestions.

And when they stop licking their paws and you want to remove the rusty brown staining, please use Happy Tears Powder only (you can purchase this from our website) and work into the stain daily to see amazing results and stain free paws.

As ever, I’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have so do not hesitate to get in touch.

Mummy Sue