We’re really excited to share with you an amazing collaboration and friend of Young Woofians that we know you’ll love…

We know from talking to many of you that you love everything natural and holistic especially when it’s for your favourite furry family member. We also know that a lot of you have doggy health issues as well as tear staining because we’ve received lots of calls and emails from our community.

As experienced dog owners we’re able to help with a lot of things but if we don’t know the answer to any health issues your dog is having, we often speak to Dr Paul Boland, the Vet and he has been absolutely amazing and helpful, pointing me in the right direction to help Miss Teddy and even with information that I have passed on to you, our wonderful Young Woofians family.

Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to pass on our secret helper and share their details with you, so you have another source of help and support with you precious pup.

Dr Paul Boland is a Veterinary surgeon and Justine Stone is a highly qualified and experienced dog trainer and animal behaviourist. They have a range of resources that you can take advantage of, for example:

  • They have formulated a range of unique nutraceutical products for cats and dogs. They believe that Nature has the answers to the health and wellbeing problems that we and our pets face. That’s why you won’t find any artificial products, added chemicals or preservatives in any of their products.
  • Or if your dog is struggling with behavioural problems or you are worried about their comprehensive, all-round nutrition look at: www.jpholisticnutrition.com. Not only will you and your pets enjoy the proven benefits of 100% natural nutritional supplements, but you’ll also have access to their wealth of expertise and advice in animal behavioural problems.

This is just some of the support they can offer so why not check out their website or become a part of their Facebook community.

We’re always working hard to build relationships and connections within the dog owners and dog services community so we can keep bringing you the very best products and support through Young Woofians. If there’s anything you like to see us doing or you just want to talk through any problems you have then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Huge thank you to Paul and Justine at JP Holistics for allowing us to share them with you all.