Young Woofians was started by dog owners, for dog owners to create products that solved the problems we had. This started with the Happy Tears tear stain removal kit, where we wanted to treat the brown/red marks left by tear stains on our darling dog’s fur. Now as we’ve mentioned in another blog tears are an important function carried out by your dog’s eye and we don’t want to stop those, we just want to treat the after effects.

But it wasn’t enough to just create effective products, chock full off strong chemicals, we wanted to create something that was safe to use and all natural so that we knew we weren’t doing any harm to our dogs, to their fur or to their eyes. And that’s where Happy Tears came from – our mission to create safe, natural and effectiveness products for real problems that dog owners face.

After Happy Tears came the Tedster which is another example of an all-natural products that solves the tricky problem of grooming the delicate area around the eye.

Let’s look at some of the ingredients we do use and why which will show you just how passionate we are about our safe and natural promise.

In the Happy Tears Treatment:

Boric Acid – A natural cleanser and antibacterial that is used in well-established eye treatments to help relieve irritation and discomfort. In powder form it is also a pharmaceutical-grade drying agent, which keeps the affected area dry.

Goldenseal – (Hydrastis canadensis) – also called orangeroot or yellow puccoon, is a perennial herb in the buttercup family. It mimics the properties of a natural antibiotic to help remove the bacteria causing tear staining.

Echinacea – Similar to Goldenseal, Echinacea is also an anti-inflammatory and acts as a natural antibiotic, helping clear up any bacterial infections.

Eyebright – Eyebright (Euphrasia) has been used in traditional herbal medicine in Europe for centuries, particularly for minor eye ailments like redness and irritation. This herb has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent properties. Eyebright contains the substance Aucubin, which stimulates the production of proteins that are involved in the healing

In the Applicator Brush and Tedster Comb:

Bamboo – Bamboo is a naturally occurring eco-friendly material with inherent antibacterial properties which makes it a great choice for use on your dog.

If you want to see the results for yourself on a variety of breeds, have a look at our customer gallery.

As ever, if you have any questions about how to apply Happy Tears or other staining problems that your dog has, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

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