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    Product Description

    Introducing THE TEDSTER – The Miniature Comb for Magnificent Results!

    The teeny-tiny teeth of this cleverly designed grooming comb are making an awful lot of chattering in the doggy world. Why? Because this is a one-of-a-kind, ergonomically designed comb that has revolutionised the grooming market.

    The research and development that has gone into The Tedster is phenomenal which is why it is leading the market and having such monumental success!

    Purposeful Design: The Tedster comb was specifically designed by Sue to address the problem of finding a suitable comb for grooming her maltipoo Miss Teddy’s face. This means that it is tailor-made for the task of removing debris and gunk from around your dog’s eyes.

    Ideal Size: Unlike the metal or plastic combs available in the market that might be too big or unwieldy, the Tedster comb is only 7.5 cm long. This compact size makes it perfect for delicately working around your dog’s eyes, where precision and care are essential.

    Bamboo Material: The fact that the Tedster comb is made from bamboo is a significant advantage. Bamboo is a sustainable and eco-friendly material known for its strength and durability. It ensures that the comb will last long and stay in excellent condition with proper care.

    Gentle Sawing Action: Use a gentle sawing action to effectively remov debris and gunk from the fur around your dog’s eyes without causing any discomfort to your furry friend.

    Easy Cleanup: The bamboo cloth provided with the comb allows you to lift the debris off the fur and wipe it away conveniently. This makes the grooming process clean and hygienic.

    Perfect Fit for Tear Stain Treatment: Given its specific design and functionality, the Tedster comb complements your tear stain treatment kit perfectly. It targets the problem area around your dog’s eyes, helping you keep them clean and free from unsightly debris and gunk.

    Suitability for Dogs with Fur around Eyes: The comb is particularly suitable for dogs with fur around their eyes, making it an ideal choice if your dog is prone to debris buildup in that area.

    The Tedster is made from eco-friendly bamboo keeping it kind to the environment as well as naturally safe for your dog – unlike a metal comb which can cause damage to sensitive skin around your dog’s eyes. The Tedster has inherent antibacterial properties and is delicately designed with gentle contours making it easy to clean debris from around the eyes, face, ears and tail.

    Grooming is not only an important part of your relationship with your dog but it helps with hygiene and warding off bacteria that can cause troublesome, ongoing infections around these sensitive areas.

    Young Woofians products are created by dog owners- for dog owners. We try and test our products until they are perfect so you can be assured that we are giving you ‘only the best’ for your dog.

    We can guarantee that once you try The Tedster you’ll be wondering why you waited so long!

     The Tedster: Comes with FREE microfibre cloth included.

    The Tedster: Safe. Natural. Effective.

    The Tedster: The Miniature Comb for Magnificent Results.

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