When should you start grooming your dog?

If you’re looking to buy a dog, it’s important that you factor in the cost of grooming as it’s an important part of your routine and key to your dog’s health and happiness.

Because grooming is so important then it will make it easier all round – and a lot less stressful for both you and your dog – if you start a routine early. This is especially true when it comes to things like nail clipping or teeth cleaning (which are pretty hard to do when your dog is fighting you!)

Grooming can begin when your dog is as young as three weeks old – if you buy from a breeder, and they are a good one, they should have started getting your puppy used to grooming before they come to you and will therefore already be used to it.

One of the key reasons to start and maintain a grooming routine- other than the health and mental well-being benefits – is bonding and as the owner of a new dog this is a really important way to build your relationship.

Grooming can promote trust and understanding as well as encouraging good behaviour.

Although the full range of grooming treatments may not be necessary from an early age you can still get your puppy used to the process so that as they get older they are fully comfortable. There are some ways you can do this:

  • Get your puppy used to being handled in ways they may not be used to – e.g. having their paw pads tickled or their ears looked at
  • Pet, cuddle and soothe them through any grooming as this will ensure they remain calm
  • Keep grooming activity short at first, until your puppy gets comfortable and then you can extend it
  • If you use any tools – such as nail clippers – show them to your puppy so they’re not scared
  • When you bathe your puppy make sure you stay with them at all times, lavishing them with attention and affection in the same way you would a baby

These simple starter steps will mean that in the long term grooming your dog will be a pleasurable and worthwhile experience and that your dog will be a content canine.

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