Clean and Preen Set

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Introducing the Clean and Preen Set! We know that tackling tear stains can seem like a massive task and it does take a concerted and repeated effort to shift those red/brown stains left behind by excess tearing. Sometimes what we need are those quick wins that can make sure we’re picture perfect and ready to bow-wow on our latest walk – if you’re looking for a way to minimise the look of eye gunk and build up then we have the perfect solution for you!

    The Clean and Preen set is our newest grooming product and whilst it won’t tackle the underlying tear stains that your dog might have it’s perfect for tidying up the area around the eye but cleaning and removing gunk/build up, mopping up excess liquid and drying the area to make your dog look instantly cleaner.

    Our Clean and Preen set contains:
    2 x Bamboo Finger Wipes
    2 x Bamboo Cloths
    1 x Tedster Mini Bamboo Comb

    How to use your Clean and Preen Kit:
    Working carefully around the delicate eye area, use a sawing motion to loosen the dirt or gunk around your dog’s eyes, brushing up and away remove the debris and wipe onto a cloth. Once all of the surface build up has been removed, dry the area thoroughly with the other cloth because dry fur is cleaner looking fur. Your finger wipes are great for taking out and about to mop up tears/fluid as they appear and keep your pup looking as perfect as possible.

    Please Note- this set will not eradicate the stains caused by excess tearing/dribbling but will improve the overall look of the area and will stop stains from getting worse. Please do not add or use any water on the area as this will make the staining look worse by darkening the fur and setting the existing discolouration.

    Read more about Happy Tears and Young Woofians.

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