As a dog owner you’ll know that your fabulous furry friend is unique so when it comes to creating the perfect grooming routine you need to customise it to suit your dog and that includes taking into consideration what type of coat/fur your dog has. Here we consider the top grooming tips by coat type.


BRUSHING: It’s easy for a silky coat to become tangled so keep on top of your brushing routine. For shorter silky coats use a bristle brush and for longer a slicer brush.

WASHING: Regular bathing with a de-greasing, conditioning or shin enhancing shampoo

DRYING: Use a hair dryer rather than air drying for this coat type



BRUSHING: As these dogs have lots of hair you’ll need to use a grooming rake for the undercoat and wide tooth comb for any tangles in the outer coat. You can also use a bristle brush for shedding.

WASHING: deep cleaning and de-shedding shampoos are great for double coated dogs

DRYING: Always use a towel to get rid of the bulk of the moisture then finish off with a dryer



BRUSHING: Always be gentle with your puppy and use a brush made specifically made for puppies or young dogs.

WASHING: Use mild, specific shampoos and start with short baths to get your puppy used to baths.

DRYING: Use a gentle towel and air dry



BRUSHING: Use a detangle comb to remove tangles from the fur followed by a slicker brush to promote a healthy shine.

WASHING: Use a product designed for curly hair and even a detangling spray post wash.

DRYING: Always use a towel to get rid of the bulk of the moisture then finish off with a dryer



BRUSHING: Use a slicker brush to keep the fur shiny and healthy looking, a good brush will keep your dog looking neat for a few weeks

WASHING: Do not bathe your dog too often and use a de-greasing type shampoo.

DRYING: Use a gentle towel and air dry



BRUSHING: Brush once a week using anything from a grooming mitt to a bristle brush.

WASHING: Was only as and when needed and use a strengthening shampoo.

DRYING: Always use a towel to dry off as much as you can then you can finish off with a dryer.

If you want to see the results for yourself on a variety of breeds, have a look at our customer gallery.

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