Young Woofians Happy Tears® Groomers Starter Set


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    Product Description

    If you’re a new Young Woofians groomer then you need the GROOMERS STARTER SET which contains everything you need.

    Young Woofians is a company run by dog lovers for dog lovers and our flagship product – Happy Tears dog Tear Stain Treatment is a No1 bestseller with 5-star reviews and thousands of happy customers. Here at Young Woofians, we have worked hard to understand the reasons behind tear stains so that we could develop a product that really works in treating the red/brown stains left behind from a dog’s tear stains.

    Below is a bit of detail about what you get in the Groomers Starter Set (and why we’ve included it). In addition to this, we offer you total support and can provide you with as much information and advice as you need.


    • 1 x Large Powder
    • 1 x Large Solution
    • 3 x Tedster Max (Large) Combs
    • 3 x Tedster (Small) Combs
    • 10 x Pink and 10 x Black Mini Bear Applicators
    • 15 x Finger Wipes
    • 15 x White Bamboo Cloths


    • 6 x Happy Tears Grooming Kits
    • 5 x Tedster (Small) Combs

    We thought that you could use the large powder and solution on a dog that has tear stains, You could offer it as an additional service and take a photograph before and after treatment.

    When the client arrives to collect their dog, they can see the difference immediately and will hopefully purchase at least the starter kit from you. We sell it for £24.95 plus shipping of £3.85. You can sell at a price you feel comfortable with.

    The Tedster comb is for removing the debris and gunk from around the eye. ( use a sawing action to loosen the debris and remove using the cloth or finger wipes) it can also be used for grooming around the face area. We offer a small discount when our customers buy the kit and comb together.

    The Tedster Max is a wonderful comb to use on fluffy coated dogs, but we have found that it’s best used when they are dry and ready to go out and show off their beautiful mane. Our customers have called it a great fluffer.

    Mini bear applicators are so useful, and customers buy these as a top-up and even for their own personal use when applying mascara

    Finger wipes are so useful for when a dog is incessantly tearing. We suggest that our customer keeps them in their pocket and takes them on walks and leaves one in the car, so when their dog tears they can just dry up the moisture and prevent further tearing.

    The Bamboo cloths have many uses: used with our treatment ( there is one provided in the kit) and general drying of any moisture ( eye area, mouth, and general use)

    The usual RRP price for all of this would be £525 but for our Young Woofians Groomers, this costs only £300!

    See some before & after images of this miracle product at work.

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