Dog looking at a lit sparkler

At Young Woofians, we are all about our furry friends. Our global family, bound together by our love for dogs and an ethos of care, has meant that we always work hard for the well-being of our canine companions. Although fireworks are an amazing spectacle at this time of year, it’s important to understand the distress it can cause in our pets. This blog aims to provide knowledge and tips to ensure your pet remains unfazed amidst the dazzle and noise of firework celebrations.

Why fireworks cause fear in dogs?

The symphony of colours that bedazzle the night sky during fireworks can be a spectacle of fear for our animals. The loud bangs and sudden flashes are often perceived as threats, inducing anxiety, stress, or even aggression in dogs. Recognising and addressing this fear is emblematic of the nurturing relationship we share with our pets.

Tips for preparing your pet for firework season

Whether you have previously witnessed your pet’s fear during fireworks or have a new member in your family, preparation is key. Preparing your pet for the fireworks season can significantly alleviate their stress. Here are twelve tips to ensure your pet navigates through fireworks with ease:

1)            Invest in a Pheromone Diffuser:

Pheromone sprays and diffusers exude a calming aura, helping to ease your pet’s anxiety. Consult your vet for the best options and place them around your home ahead of fireworks night.

2)            Adjust Walking Schedules:

Transition to an earlier walking schedule to avoid the fireworks. Gradually shifting the routine a week prior can help your dog adapt smoothly.

3)            Ensure Cats Remain Indoors:

Encourage your outdoor cats to stay indoors to prevent any distress caused by the sudden noise.

4)            Craft a Safe Haven:

Create a comforting space with their favorite toys, food, and water to provide a retreat when scared.

5)            Provide Hiding Spaces:

Allow your pets to have access to safe hiding spots around the house where they can seek refuge from the noise.

6)            Muffle the Noise:

Keep windows closed and curtains drawn to reduce the noise and block out the flashing lights.

7)            Distract with Familiar Sounds:

Having the radio or TV on can provide a familiar and comforting distraction from the loud bangs.

8)            Shield Outdoor Rabbits:

If possible, bring rabbit hutches indoors or cover them with thick blankets to provide a barrier from the noise while ensuring proper ventilation.

9)            Provide Extra Bedding:

Extra bedding allows pets, especially rabbits, to burrow and seek comfort.

10)         Stay at Home:

Your presence can be incredibly soothing for your pets, providing them with a sense of security.

11)         Engage Them with Treats:

Treat puzzles or stuffed chew toys can distract them and reward their bravery amidst the fireworks.

12)         Ensure Microchipping:

Having updated microchip information is crucial in the event your pet gets startled and runs away.

At Young Woofians, one of core values is that of care, that goes beyond providing high-quality dog tear stain removers. Our community ethos is a testament to our unwavering commitment towards the well-being of every pet. As we gear up to revel in the festivities, let’s ensure our pets too, experience the joy and comfort they so rightfully deserve.

Dog being cuddled