Happy Tears® Limited Edition Complete Tear Stain Treatment Kit

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    Product Description

    Clean, treat and prevent your dogs tear stains, eye gunk and debris with our Limited Edition coloured Happy Tears Kits.

    Happy Tears is a pro-grade, research led treatment kit to target your dogs eyes to clear debris and remove those pesky tear stains that won’t shift and get rid of them for good.

    Just like you, we’ve been here before. After many years of swapping diets, trying different waters, using other Tear Stain products that didn’t work and cleaning, scrubbing and wiping we just couldn’t seem to shift our Teddy’s tear stains, so we had to intervene. That’s when Happy Tears was created.

    After years and years of development, research, working with labs and testing, we created a multi-step solution and kit to target and conquer those resilient tear stains, and boy are the results great!

    Our Happy Tears Treatment will help to:

    • Clean your dogs fur and tear stains
    • Remove hard debris near your dogs eyes
    • Clear any sticky eye gunk
    • And keep your dogs tear stains at bay with continual use

    So, Whats The Secret Behind The Science?

    Dog tears are typically a clear liquid, which once mixed with oxygen turns brown due to tears containing red blood cells and iron. Unlike many other products, which actually adds another liquid solution to the area, causing a larger problem or not solving the original issue at all. Our secret is to ensure the area is kept dry, whilst applying and using our Happy Tears Treatment Kit and Powder which tackles the debris and clears the brown, rust like stains.

    Ethically-sourced, Happy Tears contains all natural ingredients, made without any of the nasty stuff we’re really proud of how safe and simple our treatment is to use.

    Happy Tears® is applied through a simple 2 step process.

    Every Happy Tears Treatment Kit comes with:

    • x1 Happy Tears® Solution (2 fl. oz. / 50ml)
    • x1 Happy Tears® Powder (.5 oz. / 7g)
    • x1 Happy Tears® Brush
    • x1 Happy Tears® Bamboo Cloth
    • x2 Mini Bear® Applicators (now included free of charge!)

    Our kits are available in white, pink and blue.

    You can also chose to add our Tedster Comb, Finger Wipes or Extra Mini Bear Applicators to your kit for even better results. If you don’t know which kit you need or which accessory to add on use our handy coat checker tool which helps identify your dog’s coat type and therefore what will work best for them.

    For external use on dogs only. Keep out of pet’s eyes. Store safely away from children.

    Delivery Costs:

    • United Kingdom – £4.25
    • Outside Europe – £16.45
    • Europe – £13.50
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